Walpurgis night in Berlin: spontaneous demonstration, 5 arsons on cars, color and stoned against the immigration office

Berlin, 30 of April 2009

Spontaneous demonstration

At the end of a registered gathering, a mob of 250 people gathered spontaneously and left the Boxhagener Platz. Around 11.20pm, bottles have been thrown against a tram in the Wahrschauerstr.
A small fire has been lit in front of a bar, stones and bottles have been thrown to the cops while they were trying to extinguishing it.
Around 1.40am the group splitted, stones and bottles have been thrown again against police and one police car.
A bus stop got damaged, few objects got put on the street and burned.

5 arsons on cars

In the time between 0.55am and 3.15am five arsons attack have been undertaken in the districts of Mitte, Pankow and Friedrichshain – Kreuzberg.
Thanks to active passer byers, a sixth one could be prevented in Lichtenberg.

Color and stones against the immigration office

Around 6am, unknown person threw stones and color against the immigration office located in the Friedrich – Krause – str. in Mitte, damaging five windows.

Source: Polizei ticker