Stone and colour against logistical company and institute.

Berlin 4 April Berlin

A claim which reached our mailbox:

"A birthday greeting of stones and colour for NATO- Against the permanent state of war.

In order to not let the NATO-birthday celebrations go without comment in Berlin, we have simultaneously attacked the Berlin Centre for International Peace Deployments, the German Institute for International Politics and Security, and Bombardier with colour and stones.

It is the task of the Berlin Centre for Peace Deployments to strengthen international civil capacity for crisis prevention, conflict resolution and peace keeping through consultation and training. Among other tasks they take part in socalled „Peace Keeping Deployments“, the implementation of police and government structures, as well as Civil-Military Cooperation.

The German Institute for International Politics and Security consults the German parliament in all questions of foreign and security politics. This includes a broad range of of security related political topics from European and Transatlantic security relations to global questions like the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, armament control, the development of technologies relevant for the armed forces and armament industries, including export and cooperation in the arms trade.

On the agenda more in detail: development and perspectives of the Common Foreign and Security Policy GASP, the ESVP and the NATO, strucutural developments on a transatlantic as well as on a European level, including possible potential for conflict, armaments cooperation on a European as well as on a Transatlantic scale, security and defence policies of certain European states, development and implications of american military policies, German Security and Defence policies, devewlopment of the Bundeswehr, the strategic and operative effects of the implementation of new technologies, options of their use, but also of their limitation through armament control, the analysis of strategic concepts and the continous development of them, perspectives and strategic implications of missile defense, tendencies and effects of the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and respective technologies, as well as international instruments for their containment.

The global player Bombardier, producer and developer of vehicle and aviation technology used in various ways in the civil and military sector, profits from war and the increasing militarization of society. Furthermore they are one of the main sponsors for the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver.

These players are only one part of the ever more growing group of companies and institutions that secure their profits through the continuing existance of the NATO, through increasing control and the advancement of social war.

In capitalist conditions there cannot be peace, therefore it ois necessary to attac the military and organization that cooperate with them, here and worldwide.