Postering action around the Schulterblatt/ „Haeftling“ attackiert

Hamburg 3 April

The Schanze area of Hamburg is simmering, older shops have been driven out by chic, new shops. In response to this a night time postering protest action has taken place around the shoulderblade. At the same time in the Karo quarter a business was attacked with stones and colour.

Over the night nearly 20 shop windows were resplendent with the protest poster that contained the following text:
„Through pressure and rent increases the inhabitants will be driven away in order to make space for that which is financially stonger and more useful. The rage is great. All that was once useful to the inhabitants is dissapearing“. The authors of the pamphlets make the crtique that more and more „boring“ eating places, clothes shops and glasses designers are pushing their way into the area. The text ends with: „It will be no surprise when one or another of the windows cracks“. The text is signed with „Annoyed resident of the Schanze area“.

The frayed nerves of the clothing shop „Haeftling“ (Marktstrasse 136) were also tested. Unknown persons smashed in a window and smeared another with red paint. The attackers accuse the shops of being in the uncomfortable position of exploiting prisonners for commercial purposes. Owner, Octavio Schröder states: „Only a small part of our goods are produced in prisons. Besides, we donate three percent of our total turn-over to Amnesty International“

Source: Mopo