People unknown send dogshit to Berlin Senator of Justice

Berlin 17 April 2009

thursday evening the police was called to the privat house of Berlin Senator of Justice, Gisela von der Aue, because of some suspicious parcel. The content turned out to be unappetizing. Police thinks that activists of the left scene are responsible.

According to information of the Tagesspiegel the police turned out to the private adress of Senator of Justice Gisela von der Aue (SPD) yesterday at 20:30. In front of the door of the immidiate neighbours of the Senator a suspicious parcel had been put down, adressed to von der Aue. A neighbour informed the husband of the Senator. He then called the police.

To forensicians closely examined the finding, which turned out to be harmless – in the parcel there was dogshit. The police thinks that the originators are to be found in the left scene. Already at 2 p.m. ten persons dressed in black were entering the foyer of the Berlin Administration of Justice in salzburger Straße and dropped Flyers there demanding the release of the left activist Christian Sümmermann. Juridical police was immidiately called, police as well. When the officers arrived the protestors had already disappeared. „That has been a Blitzaction“ spokesperson of Justice Mark Weber said.

Investigators were surprised that the activists of the left scene found out the private adress of the Berlin Senator of Justice. According to information of the Tagesspiegel the police now examines measures to protect Gisela von der Aue. Spokesperson of the police only confirmed that there has been an operation, but did not give details.

In the beginning of December the left scene had found out then private adress of the head of the Berlin Authority in charge of demonstrations, Joachim Haß, and attacked his house with paintbombs. After that he was said to be under police protection, which hasn't been confirmed.

Source: Tagesspiegel