Fire in Luxury Housing Project – Police assumes Arson

Berlin 13 April 2009

Again it seems that an attack on an exclusive housing project was committed in Berlin. At the morning of easter Monday the garage of the exclusive housing project „Palais Kolle Belle“ at Kollwitzplatz in Prenzlauer Berg was on fire. Political police wants to take over investigations.

Obviously politically motivated vandals started a fire in an underground car park in Prenzlauer Berg. At about 7 a.m. The fire brigade was heading towards the fire in Kollwitzstraße, corner of Belforter Straße with four squadrons. In the exclusive new building construction materials were set on fire. Nobody was hurt, there is yet nobody living in the house. Investigators of the fire department of the police assumed that it was an arson. Political police will investigate.

The newly built project in the trendy neighbourhood Kollwitzplatz is promoted to be „Palais Kolle Belle – the best adress of the world“. A romantic feeling of live is said to be brought to Kollwitzplatz by this project. Since two years the building is under construction, some years ago it had been squatted by a Wagenplatz. At that time there had been massive police operations there.

Source: Morgenpost