Colour attack on DHL in Mannheim.

Mannheim 3 April 2009

On the third of April, at the beginning of the NATO summit, a branch of the Post Office in central Mannheim was hit with a colour attack. The entrance area was covered in paint and slogans. The action is openly in connection with the protests against the NATO summit in Strassburg and Baden-Baden.
The colour attack was on a central branch of the Post office in Mannheimer paradeplatz. Unknown persons covered the floor of the entrance area with yellow and red paint, and sprayed the slogans „NO NATO“ and „DHL warmongers“ on the wall.

The action is directed against the subsidiary of the Post DHL, which in recent weeks was critizised for their participation in NATO war deployments. DHL runs logistic tasks like the forces' postal service for the Bundeswehr, and even promotes the profession of the soldier with huge format posters. Doing this they push forward the militarization of society, and the cooperation of companies and the military gets reinforced. In the future DHL even wants to ship military equipment on behalf of the Bundeswehr.

The action can also be understood as a sign of solidarity with the struggle in Strassburg, which already resulted in many protesters being injured and arrested by the police.

Source: Indymedia