Barricades and fires, demolished police cars, attacks on Sparkasse and police station

Leipzig 20 April 2009

A short summary of the things that happened on Friday and the actions that followed. Since the eviction leipzig does not return to peace and quiet. In the third night in a row there were barricades and fires in Leipzig.

On Friday a long before announced soli action for the squat in Erfurt took place [link...] About 200 people came to the Stö to express their solidarity. Unfortunately a huge deployment of police came as well, spreading across the whole city district. As annonced no contact to the police was made, which would have been a strange signal after this eviction, asking for permission for a demo. Also it makes no sense to walk through the streets completely encircled by such a massive deployment. [...]

[...] Later on the demo tried to get through in direction to the Kreuz, an attempt that was prevented by the police. In the following there was a lot of running back and forth, during which the police took the identities of 136 people, send away with a Platzverweis 161 and arrested 4. As this meant further attacks and harrassment of the police, especially to those in the kettle, the answer was barricades and fires in the whole district. Two police cars were demolished, a Sparkasse and the police station in Richard-Lehmann-Str. were attacked. Also the authorities are investigating whether two vehicles on fire are connected to the demo.

Since then this is the third night now that Leipzig faces the building of barricades and fires. The people are still angry about the eviction and the way the police acted on Friday. It should have been a peaceful solidarity demonstration for erfurt, what turned out into the massive deployment of the police. This is not surprizing: After the BFE [special force of the police to make socalled secure evidence arrests on demos] from Leipzig was running wild on the demo in Erfurt already on Thursday, they just kept going in Leipzig.

Source: indymedia