Post offices and DHL painted olive green in Bremen

Bremen, the 16 of October 2009

A claim which reached us:

„in occasion of the action day for the sentence against the MG defendants: offices of the post and DHL painted in olive green.

In occasion of the nationwide solidarity day for the accused in the MG trial, the ones who wanted to render some war vehicles unusable, we thematized to criminalised theme – resistance agains the war.
In the night to Friday, we painted several postboxes of the post and her sister company, DHL, in a more fitting olive green and embellished one post office.
Now one can make more clearer how the post and DHL are since many years making profit as international transporters of war logistic of the german and american army.

For an offensive campaign against the military engagement of the post and DHL – Comprehensive Resistance!

Solidarity with Axek, Florian and Oliver!“