Audi of the German Railway arsoned

Berlin, the 20 of October 2009

A claim which reached us:;

„we solidarize us with the people from the tarnac9, who put forward the disarmament of nuclear energy step by step through practical actions.
black/yellow (note of the translator: the color of the new german regime, black for the christian democrats and yellow for the liberals. They currently plan to keep using nuclear energy despite talks of the previous governement to foresse a stop for the next few years) send us clear signs, which we can fight against through hoocklaws and arsons, since nuclear waste was and remains shit.
We will warm you up.

We chose our form of protest because christoph and alexandra are sitting in prison right now.
We won' t accept the fact that the state keeps our friends behing bars, so that he thinks to force „hate-burners“ into silence.

Knee shots for commissar michalek!

„when one burns a car this a criminal action, when hundreds of cars get burned, this is a political action!“

Autonomous groups“