Bottles and stones against cops cars

Berlin, the 25 of October 2009

Several police cars have been attacked in the night to Sunday with stones and bottles in the district of Kreuzberg.
Two people got arrested.
One tries to proof if there is a connection with the upcoming eviction of the trailer park „Schwarzer Kanal“, against which over 600 people took the streets in the afternoon.

At first, around 1am a group of 50 people gathered in the Skalitzerstr. corner Schlesisches str., from which several bottles have been thrown against the police cars.

Two people got arrested shortly afterwards.

An half an hour later on unknown person threw bottles and stones against to police van and a car of the plainclothes police, this in the Köpenickerstr.
The attack came out of a group of 30 people who was on the street.
The same destiny happened for another police car which passed by shortly afterwards.

Source: Morgenpost