Cars of the post in flames/packet station smashed

Erfurt, the 19 of October 2009

Saturday evening two packet station have been smashed, yesterday two vans of the post have been burned.
The police speaks of over 10.000€ of damages only for the DH L packet stations.
In both places some leaflets have been left behind as also painted graffitis reading „de-militarised“, which thematize the solidarity for the ones sentenced in Berlin for membership within the Militant Group.
The attack has been motivated within the claim by declaring the involvement of DHL in the war by their undertaking of logistical duties for the german army.
The vans burned completely and the heat destroyed some of the windows of the post building.
Here there has not been a claim and witnesses described two people leavin from the spot on bikes.

Source: Thüringer Allgemeine