Cars property of a technical company arsoned

Berlin, the 17 of October 2009

Three cars burned in the night to Saturday.
Two of them which got arsoned in Mitte and Friedrichshain belonged to a technical company, Imtech.
This company had been already targeted in Hamburg.
The first one got burned in the Dresdner str. and second one in the Rigaerstr.

In 2006 people burned two vans of this company in Hamburg, the claim had been signed by a „militant anti-militarist intitiative“.
This company takes part also in producing technical solutions for nuclear industry but also for the shipbuilding and of offices.

Only this august the company declared how they would produce air conditioning and climate systems for the german navy.

Around 2.30am an Audi got burned in Mitte.

Source: Morgenpost Berlin