company cars of IMTECH burned

Berlin and Hamburg 27th October 2009

After the ending of the 1-year trial against three people of berlin, who were sentenced for the membership in the Militante Gruppe(mg) and an attempted arson attack to a german army truck, burned in the night to 17th of october two vehicles of the company IMTECH. About one week later, in the night to 26th of october, one
more small truck of the company IMTECH went up in flames. New annual record. Never have burned so many cars in berlin as this year. "About every second attack is directed against a company" says Tagesspiegel (Germany bourgeois press - transl.). The targets are mainly company cars of the german railway(DB), the german post/DHL, the german army(Bundeswehr), the armaments-company IMTECH and Siemens as well as the municipalities.

The targets are mainly self-explainatory. Municipality stands for Hartz IV(cutting down of the social welfare-program) and authoritarian despotism. Armaments-companies, army and military-logistic DHL take part in the responsability for worldwide wars. And the german railway stands for castortransports(nuclear waste disposal transports - transl.), apart from other topics: After an attack on the railway in berlin-friedrichshain a group explained: "As long as the German Railway will offer their railnetwork to the castor-transports, the company will be again and again target of our protest."

The attacks on the war-equipper Imtech only one week after mg-trial in berlin-mitte (downtown berlin) (a ford transporter), berlin-friedrichshain (a VW transporter in rigaer str.) and one week later in berlin-moabit (a ford transit) have antimilitaristic backgrounds.

In January 2006 in Hamburg already, two trucks of Imtech were set on fire. The militant antimilitaristic initative (M.A.M.I.) took responsability and connected the arson of the transporters in connection with the NATO-security conference SIKO in munich.

Imtech is a company of the armament industry with seat in Hamburg and more than 60 establishments in germany. The media reported in the actual cases on their own initative, why it is exactly imtech who gets attacked: The company works under contract of the german railway and participates next to other things in the technology of power plants, energy and shipbuilding and equips since august 2009 ships of the german navy with climatetechnical systems. Since summer 2009 is working for the new aircraft-carrier of the british Royal Navy, but as well as for the polish navy.

Source: inymedia germany