Windows smashed at the Quartiermanagement

Berlin, the 25 of November 2009

the following claim reached us:

„in the night to the 25 of November 2009 we attacked one expression of the social repression in Neukölln. The shutters and the windows of the quartiermanagement's offices got smashed.
On the facade slogans have been spraypainted.

„...because behind the project of the QM, which is described as „integrative city developement“ and is supported by the „society for a city redevelopement“ and the State, we can only see systematic state violence enforced through social control (task force, social workers), surveillance, alienation and repression.
...because our neighborhood is becoming a prison like all the other ones.
...because we and lives are being treated like goods...

we are against any form of exploitation and answer consciously also with violence towards the abolition of a system based on dominion.

Enraged neighbors“

note: the quartiermanagement is a tool employed in the city in different districts in order to pacify potential social conflicts and „integrating“ their actors into the „normal state social life“.