Stones and color against „Carlofts“

Berlin, the 30 of November 2009

the following mail reached us:


On sunday the 29.11.2009 we made another visit to the inhabitants of the Carlofts, with stones and tar.
One can not move in the Carlofts and think that the car owners can have a quiet life there.
We say you have pit and we propose you move out soon.

Our rage refers as well to the eviction of the Brunnenstr. 183 happened on tuesday the 24.11.2009.
You take our houses away, we smash the carflofts.
Therefore there is no point for the investors to invest. Pity and get the fuck out!
You decide the date, we the price!

Brunnenstr. 183 lives! Liebig 14, Schwarzer Kanal and Rigaer stay!

Make your own way, there are enough investor's dreams in this town, dreams of the ones responsible for the rents up and the displacement of poor inhabitants!
Action month for the Brunnenstr. 183! We just began!

Freedom for Tobi and solidarity for the squatters struggle in Holland!“

from the press: several masked up persons attacked a luxury building in Kreuzberg in the afternoon.
Several windows got smashed and the facade got damaged with color.
The carlofts project has been already attacked several time in the past.

Source: Morgenpost