Several lofts attacked with stones and color

Berlin, the 26 of November 2009

this claim reached us:

„we just began with the lofts
you decide the date, we the price!

In the night to the 26.11.2009 we attacked several lofts in berlin with paint and stones, in order to express our rage against the eviction of the Brunnenstr. 183

we are happy about the call towards an action month against gentrification and for freespaces, free from control, dominion, conformity and pressure to consume.

You take our houses away, we smash your lofts.
The costs for the eviction will be billed at the end and just began with it!

Brunnenstr. 183 lives! Liebig 14, Schwarzer Kanal, Köpi stay!
Solidarity greetings to Holland!
Freedom for Tobi!“