Stones and color against seven meeting points of the neonazis

Berlin, the 17 of November 2009

Left autonomen threw stones and paint against seven meeting places of the neonazis, as they claimed in a claim which got sended the Tagesspiegel.
The authors connect the action with the death of Silvio Meier in November 1992 and list the attacked places.
Among other places, the central offices of the NPD in Köpenick, the neonazi shop „Harakiri“ in Prenzlauerberg, the „Germania Klause“ in Tempelhof and a few private houses.
„To prepare a warm autumn for the neonazis“, one claims.
Already on Friday evening a neonazi has been beaten up by masked up persons.

The squatter Silvio Meier has been stabbed to death after a fight with neonazis at the underground station Samariterstr.
On the upcoming Saturday a remembrance demonstration will take place in Friedrichshain.

Source: Tagesspiegel