Offices of the SPD attacked with stones

Berlin, the 17 of November 2009

A claim which reached us:

„soliaction for tobias, the liebig14 and the liebig34!

In the night to tuesday we attacked the main büros of the spd in mitte/wedding in the müllerstr. with stones.
The windows got smashed. We want to show solidarity with all person met by police and state repression, especially the action is dedicated to toby, the liebig14 and the liebig34! solidarity is a weapon!!
by this action we also aim to put on trial the responsible of the police raids! The spd is also responsible for neoliberal city politic, surveillance madness and repression!
We do not take such a shit without a reaction!, therefore, dear Politic THE BILL DO NOT WAIT TO COME AT THE ELECTION DAY!!!“

note: toby has been arrested accused of arson on cars the previous day and sit in pretrial detention, the houseprojects liebig14 and liebig34 (Friedrichshain) has been raided by 150 cops since toby was leaving there.