Construction site for private luxury apartments sabotaged

Berlin, the 25 of November 2009

a claim which reached us:

„(B) Building stop for building group

all wheels remain still when your stronger arm wants it

we did not shy away in spending travelling money or energy for a trip in to the neighbouring foreign country-
The cops evict in one district, in the other they build up private apartments.
In Treptow there is a construction site just in front of the trailerpark Lohmühle (who is about to lose the toleration contracts), one for building luxury private apartments.
On the 25.11 the work could not go further as planned.
In fact we sabotage the electricity cable connecting the crane.
Afterwards we cut the pipes by using electricity-isolated pliers.
We sabotaged as well other machines.
We glued off the door to the container where the building site director resides.

Defend freespaces – make the evictions expensive – stop gentrification – organise struggle around the rents

Fanclub Junge-Reyer“