Windows of luxury buildings in construction smashed/ apartment occupied and devalued

Berlin, 8 of June 2009

- yesterday night the windows of the luxury buildings in construction sited in the Richard – Sorge – Str. and Distelmeyerstr., Friedrichshain, have been smashed.

Against State! Against Capital! Against Gentrification!

We stay all!

Claim on the occupation in the fronthouse of the Rigaer94

On Monday the 8 of June, we opened our way to an empty apartment sited in the frontbuilding of the Rigaer94.
Since one was aware about the possibility of a fast eviction by the cops and Beulker (note of the translator: the landlord), we just limited ourselves in undertaking a few measures of devaluation such like color, cement and dogshit and sell this as an occupation.
The market price of the apartment should be now clearly lying under the rent level and Beulker should habe a few more grey hairs.

Fingers off the Rigaer94 and Liebig14! We stay all!

ABF (Anti Beulker Front) and Friends of the „Friends of the Kadterschmiede“.

Source: aktionstageticker