Arson attack on a construction site of a luxury building

Berlin, 29 of June 2009

A claim we received:

„the actionweeks are over – but the struggles against luxury buildings, redevelopments aimed to kick out people, empty buildings and displacement go forward.

During the last night we rendered higher the price for the plan of luxury apartments in the richard sorge straße.
During the past weeks it has been shown, once again, the answer of Berlin's city to the self-organization and reappropriation of public spaces and empty houses.
Through state violence one smashed immediately all the aims towards uncontrollable, newborn“freespaces“ and repressed al the participants.
In this way, two squatted houses and one park have been evicted after a few hours and also the planned squatting of the former airport Tempelhof have been prevented by 1400 armed cops.
We are not surprised by the reaction of the city, since it is clear that where subversive life come at play, she represents a thorn in the ass of the socalled process of gentrification and contributes to create bad atmosphere for investors.
Since one aims to smashed from the very beginning such attempts of a political protest, we will more and more go towards a position of counterattack and by this put in question the conditions of property and power.
The senate seems interested to have an escalation of this conflict: please, we are too!

Against an innercity of the riches
break up capitalism
fire and flames for berlin

autonomous groups“