Car burned at a Renault car dealer

Berlin, 2 of June 2009

As the „Berliner Morgenpost“ reports, a car has been burned at a Renault car dealer.

Tempelhof:Car burned at a the site of a car dealer.
Tuesday, 2 of June 2009

Tuesday morning at 5.20am a car Renault car has been burned on the site of car dealer sited in the Germaniastr. in Tempelhof, the reasons are yet not clear.

It seems as a flyer left on different S-Bahn (note of the translator: Berlin's city train line) today in the morning would claim the action. The writer wrote:
„...our solidarity against the repression campaign against the „anarcho-autonomen“ in France.
This repression makes bombs out of fireworks, out of an empty bottle under a police recovery vehicle a terrorost attack, a tragic episode, where one comrade died, lead to brutal raids and imprisonments, but when being ready to use violence means to realise our dreams, then you will never be violent, since you never dream.
Your empty world give us an abundance of time in order to reflect on, how we can destroy you.
Let us not loose any time longer with peaceful acts.
This is just the beginning, nothing came to an end, only because a few have been released of prison, under heavy conditions.
Freedom for all! Acab“

Source: Indymedia