Beginning of the Actionweeks

Berlin, 7 of June 2009

-Empty place squatted in the Rigaerstr. (already evicted)
-Graffitis at the offices of Verdi (trade union)
-Expensive cars damaged
-Stones and color against a Sparkasse bank
-Graffitis at a dole office
-Stones against the door of Carlofts
-Car burned
-Expensive car smashed

40 people gathered illegally on an empty space sited in the Rigaerstr. and build up tents and put banners on the fences.
They brought stuff for cooking, benches and tables, as also material for painting banners.
Since the owner of the space made a denunciation because of breaching the housepeace, the police evicted the people and gave banning orders.

Already the day before, early in the morning, one noticed that the offices of Ver.di in Mitte have been painted with several slogans, mostly against trade unions and the police.

Unknown persons damaged five expensive cars parked in the Adalbertstr.

Yesterday evening a security service employee noticed how the door of a bank located in the Wahrschauerstr. in Friedrichshain has been damaged, an atm has been painted with political slogans as well.

A security worker noticed graffitis at the dole office sited in Tempelhof.

A police car noticed the damages at a door of loft-building sited in the Liegnitzerstr. in Kreuzberg.

Unknown person set a „Citroen“ car alight in Mitte.

Source: Polizei Ticker.

In the Köpenickerstr. a Mercedes got completly smashed.

Source: Actionticker