Four car of the german army arsoned

Ulm, 29 of June 2009

In the night to the 29 of June unknown persons set on fire four vehicles of the german army, the cars had to be thrown away.
The damage is about 150.000€.

The police, while looking for authors, is interested in not giving any publicity to such an action, so to prevent possible effects of repetition.
During the last months, army vehicles have often been sabotaged with incendiary devices.
We only want to remember the spectacular episode of the 42 vehicles burned in Dresden.

Antimilitarist actions against the german amry arise steadily, as the german army takes more and more part within armed foreign operations.

Inside the movement for peace, when one talks about arsons on army vehicle this slogan appears:“what burns in Germany, can not make any further damages in Afghanistan“.

Source: Partial translation from an article appeared on Indymedia