Attack against four neonazi meeting places

Berlin, 11 of June 2009

the following message reached us:

„In the night from wednesday to thursday we attacked four neonazi meeting places with stones and color, this was a coordinated action.
In Mariendorf (Tempelhof) we attacked the pub „Ententeich“ with stones and color.
Neonazi from the NPD as well as from the newborn group Frontbahn 24 are meeting up here since a while. In Lichtenberg, the Clubhaus of the rightwing rock group Spreewacht, sited in the Wönnoichstr., has been hitted with color.
Also in Lichtenberg the pub „Jägerheim“ has been attacked with color.
This pub is steadily used by NPD members and other neonazis.
In the same streets there is the new neonazi shop „Horrido“, which sells the trademark „Erik and Sons“ as also the music of the neonazi – hooligan band Kategorie C.
Also this place got his portion of stones and color.
We understand our action as a part of the socalled action weeks.
The struggle for freespaces is always one against neonazis and their structures.
There where the life of other people (should be) impeded, begins our resistance.
It is extremely important also to be active within the districts which are not considered as „alternative“ ones.
One does not have to offer any retreat space to neonazis.

Antifa team Werner Seelenbinder“