Arson attack aganst a catering company – 10 vans arsoned

Berlin, 17 of June 2009

The following claim reached us:

„Take responsability!
Attack racism, war, social unjustice!
We stay all – where we want!

„Please passengers do not smoke, move your sits towards an upright position and fasten your belt tight: we take off.“

The passengers of the flight AB 1130 probably did not hear such a declaration.
Indeed the flight which took off on Monday the 8 of June from Berlin – Schönefeld towards Vietnam was not a normal one.
Inside the flight from Air Berlin were sitting 104 vietnamese people and 60 police officers who were guarding them.
They were deported on this day after they have been carted from Germany and Poland.

On the 16.06.09 we put some incendiary devices under some cars of the company named Bärenmenü, a sister company of Sodexho, located in Berlin – Lichtenberg, in order to attack in an exemplary way a company which profits from racism and war.

Bärenmenü is part of the company Sodexo. Sodexo Alliance is a french company which is active in 76 different countries and also the second biggest catering company of the world.
They came into critics especially since they make business with refugees and the prison industry.
Beside their catering for kindergartens, schools, companis and autorithies, Sodexo makes catering for the Justice system and the Army.

In Germany, this company makes profit from the decentral camp system for refugees, deportation camps and deportation centers.
In most of the federal regions, refugees are forced to live inside camps, often very isolated.
Such accomodation into camps carries the aim to creat fear and isolate them.
In many federal regions (as example in Lower Saxony) refugees do not get any money but instead coupons or chip-cards.
This means that they can buy food and clothes only in specific and expensive shops which accepts those cards.

Sodexo is active in all Europe. Therefore also deportation centers in Spain, Holland, Italy and England are supplied with unappetizing food.

Sodexo is also active within the private sections of prisons.
The yearly profit here is of many millions.

This company, together with others, is an example of henchman for the racist german and european migration politics.
They put in practice what politicians pour beforehand in laws and prescriptions and earn money with it.
They profit from a racism which is deeply rooted into society.

At the best, refugees should not make it to Europe.
In the case that they manage, exclusion, isolation and many other special laws like for example the forced residence are waiting for them.
They will be put into deportation camps and threaten with deportation, then moved to the deportation centers.

We do not want a world ruled by war, exploitation and oppression. We struggle for a world without power, exploitation and borders.

No Border, No Nation!!!

We see this action as a part of the Actionweeks, indeed we all stay – where we want.“