Cars arsoned in front of the apartment of Robbin Juhnke (CDU)

Berlin, 18 of June 2009


„In the night to Thursday we flambed two luxury cars in front of the apartment of Robbin Juhnke (CDU politician), sited in the street Alt-Buckow, number 6.

Robbin Juhnke is hardliner of Berlin's CDU (note: christian democratic party) and as spokeperson of the CDU regroupment in the city parliament appears there often as one who regurarly agitates against leftists and migrants.
Not only before and after the 1 of May in Berlin he asked for more repression against the left, but also during the Action Weeks, precisely on the past Monday, he asked for a concept against the left-autonomous scene and a round-table against left extremism.

During his fight against the left, he does not have any problem to work with rightwing groups such as PAX Europe, with whom he also swear together during a discussion about left extremism and foreigner criminality which took place under the title Do you still feel secure in Berlin?

Switch off CDU! Expel the hate-preacher Juhnke!“

Source: Aktionstageticker