Arson attack at the screw's trade union

Berlin, 6 of June 2009

A claim we received:

„oxaca is everywhere – the prisoners out on the streets!!!

in order to give weight to our demand, today we brought a firy wake-up greetings to the private apartment of a screw and the offices of berlin's judicial officers sited in the schubarthstr. 38 in berlin tegel.
There is no peaceful back-up area and not only cops, security and order's thugs are the ones who should not believe to be left in security.
There are many more who take part in the daily terrorization and oppression of people, like dole offices, schools, psychiatrists, universities, shop detectivesm lawyers, judges, state attorneys, social workers, educators...
we are surprised how the message of the 1 of May came through and the innerminister conference had to discuss about measures against attacks on cops, ambulances and so on, it seems as there will be more and mroe people not willing to accept the violence's monopoly by the state and are ready to defend themselves militantly against this murdering capitalist system.
-- unsaludo de libertad para mauricio morales – a los demas, nada!“
„Transformemos nuestro dolor en rabia y nuestra rabia en polvora““