Police Station attacked

Berlin 16 Dezember 2008

A Translation of a Communique sent to us:

Release the anger which has no description!

In the late hours of the 16 of December 2008 we attacked a police station sited in the Bulgarische Strasse, Treptow district, as also the cars parked in front of it with stones and color.
We did this action in relation to the ongoing trial against alleged members of the Militante Gruppe, the arrest of french activists on the beginning of november, the police murder of Alexis happened on the 6 of December in Athen and the acquittance of the cops responsible for the murder of ury Jalloh on the 8 of december.

Since the 25 of September 2008, a trial is going on in Berlin against Axel, Florian and Oliver. They are supposed to be member of the Militante Gruppe and have tried to torch some military trucks on the 31 of July in Brandenburg/Havel.
Our contribution to the worldwide action day in solidarity with the three defendants of the 13 of December.

In the early hours of the 11 of November 2008, several activists have been arrested in France under the accusation of terrrorism, since they should have had build a criminal association and undertake several sabotages in relation to the Castor transport, they might face high sentences, freedom for the prisoners!

In the evening of the 6 of December 2008, the 15 years old Alexander Grigoropoulos has been targetely shot by the cops in Athen, we let our anger and sorrow speak through the actions. For the 20 of December one calls towards a worldwide action day – we support this actively!

On the 7 of January 2005 Oury Jalloh was burned in a cell of the police station of Dessau.
The cops working on that day there have been now acquitted on the 8 of December, so that one gave again a clear sign on which side the Justice stands.

Against cops, State and Capital!

AG in remembrance of Alexandros