Luxury Condo-project attacked

Berlin, December 19th 2008

In the night to Friday a luxury condominium projact was attacks with stones and colour bags in Kreuzberg. Some windows were smashed, the attackers got away unrecognized.

About 20 person dressed in dark clothes attacked a luxury condo building under construction in Kreuzberg withn stones and colour bags in the night to Friday. According to the police 12 windows were broken in the building in Liegnitzer Strasse. Then the unknown pwersons ran away to Görlitzer Park. The political police took over investigations.

In the Paul-Linke-Yards socalled Carlofts are being build, said the owner. This means that the flats have their parking lot right in front of their door. The cars will be brought to the respective floor by a lift. The condos in the scene district will cost up to 1.6 million Euro. A demonstration against increasing rents was banned from walking past the object by the police.

Source: Tagesspiegel