7 upperclass cars torched

Berlin, 31st December 2008

It is dangerous for cardrivers to park in Berlin.
Just a night before new year's eve, several cars went on flames in three different distrcits of thw city. No trace of responsibles, state security investigates.

Unknown persons set up seven upperclass cars in flames. In the districts of Mitte, Friedrichshain and Prenzlauerberg, about 15 cars have been therefore damaged.

Inhabitants alarmed the cops around 2am having seen a car in flames in the Zionkirschestr.
Shortly afterwards, another car went off in the Fehrberlinerstr., while its flames daamges four cars parked nearby. Two further cars went on flames in the Ruppiner/corner Rheinsbergerstr. and in the Swinemünderstr, two cars parked nearby got also damaged.

Also in the Kastanienallee a car was set on fire, damaging a car parked nearby. In the Seumestr. and in the Krautstr. in Friedrichshain, two ore cars went on flames, damaging one other parked nearby.

Source: Tagesspiegel