Action against deportation

Eutin, 24th December 2008

In the night from the 23rd to the 24th we, the group „working circle calm night – no peace for racists“, took up an action of „make it nicer“ to the private house of the main responsible of the immigration office of Ostholstein, Volker F.
Through a message left on its walls, the neighbours should be informed by the racist action of their neighbor. On top of this, one left a warning message in the garden entrance.
After the motto “the one who makes a lot of shit, needs also a lot of toilet paper“, we left several toilet paper behind.
Volker F. is known since years thanks to his scrupoulous actions against migrants. As example for this, it has been his behavior regarding a racist arson happened in the Lübeck's Hafenstr. in 1992. The fire has been done by neonazis, a thing which the city did not want to recognize. Instead of protecting the migrants, he tried to deport them, doing the interests of the city. This was not anymore a politicall neutral behavior. Not even the fact that one person needed medical assistence, stopped him in doing that. But this was no single episode. Same behavior he had regarding a kurdish family living in Bad Schwartau.
The family was threaten by political persecution, in the case they would be deported.
Even thought the mother was not recognize suitable for a deportation, following some medical analyses, F. decided for a not publicised police operation during the night. This lead to a heartattack of the mother, which thanksfully did not end with her death. This has been a traumatic experience especially for her children.

However, Volker F. remained in his place. Shortly afterwards it has been shown that his behavior did not change at all, as he tried to deport a family which was living in Germany since 19 years. By using methods which remind to antiterror ones, he presented himself quite proudly on the Lübeck's newspapers. The children should be deported to Turkey, even though they do not speak turkish. Again he ordered a police intervention, which was of course a shocking experience for the kids. He tried even to prevent the marriage of a son of the family, since through this he would have gained german citizenship.

Such examples are only a sign for his unhuman work. We do not want to let such people having good time during the festivity of love and the time of thoughtfulness. F.'s methods are symbolic for the ones used in Germany and Europe for what concerns refugees. With the asylum compromise, one defacto dismantled the right to asylum and europe keeps on becoming a fortress against refugees.

Through our action, we want to raise the attention of neighbours about the racists deeds of Volker fehring.

Working circle calm night – no peace for racists!

Source: Indymedia