Colour to police station

Mannhein, December 17th 2008

During Tuesday night a police station in Mannheim was symbolicaly attacked. Bags filled with colour were thrown atn the facade, slogans like "Attack the police state" and "Athwens is everywhere" were sprayed on the wall. In a communique it is declared "To express our rage about the murder of our comrade Alexandros we attacked the police station in Quadrant A. Furthermore the action is directed against all kinds of police violence, against the restrictions planned on the law granting the right of assembly in Baden-Württemberg and against the cops responsible for the murder o0f Oury Jalloh hat went out of court free." Finaly the communique states: "Alexandros is present in our struggle for a society without classes!! On with international solidarity! Freedom for all political prisoners!"

Source: indymedia