Street barricade in solidarity with the prisoners

Berlin, the 28 of September 2009

Soliaction for the prisoners

Masked up persons blocked today the street – a big intervention of the police followed.
Probably one wanted to underlin the beginning of some ongoing trials.
Around 2.30am masked up persons put some trashbins, fences and other material on the Stargarderstr. corner Dunckerstr.
Then they set them alight, there has been a big fire which damaged also a car parked there.
A banner got put in the middle of the street where one ask for the liberation of Alex, Christoph and the 1 of May prisoners.
During the action flyers have been distributed but i did not go that close.
Probably the people thought that the police would come quite fast, in fact stones where lying around.
After the group left a big intervention of the police followed, waking up everybody in the area.
Probably this action is in connection to the upcoming trials like tomorrow for Alexandra R.
The police intervened hard against all soliparties for prisoners which took place during the last weeks.

Source: Indymedia