Fire-device stop the train circulation

Pößneck/Saaleld, the 12 of September 2009

Fire devices stopped the train circulation in the south-east while a festival of the NPD (the neonazi party) was taking place.

It came to some confrontation during the socalled „festivity of the people“ (note: in german the word „volk“ has another use and meaning than in other languages).
Two police cars got damaged and the police is investigating if the fire device on the railway have been used by opponents pf the neonazi event.

After the demonstration against the festival it came also to some damages against cars of participants of the neonazi festival.

The fire devices, eleven in total, stopped the train circulation since they burned the electrical cables regulating the traffic signals, so to create chaos, and this made difficul the arriving to the location of the festival for NPD fans.

Source: Naumburger Tagblatt