Arson on a car of a neonazi/attacks on the cops during the antifa protests

Dortmund, the 5 of September 2009

Already before the planned demonstration on saturday there has been the first episode of violence between right-wing and left-wing extremists on friday night.
In Dortmund-Dorstfeld a car burned which belonged to a neonazi. The car was park close to his own house.

Source: Videonews24

Press declaration by the cops about the protests:

Police attacked by left wing autonomen

About 6.000 people took part in the demonstrations in the city.
The network „Dortmund stellt sich quer“ mobilized 3.000 people.

The demonstration ended around 11.55pm and from this moment on another gathering formed.
A group of several hundred people dressed in black and partly masked up, belonging to the spectrum of the violent left-autonomen, broke out, there have been stones thrown at the cops and at some police cars, also fireworks have been exploded.
The police managed to get the situation under control relative fast thanks to its resoluteness, arresting several people.
A politician of the green party has been attacked by the demonstrators since he wanted to stop them to throw stones at the police.

The demonstration „no nazis – oppose the neonazi demonstration“ endeed around 1pm, after its end several groups of violent autonomen began to move towards the innercity and attacked the police and its cars with stones and fireworks.
15 police cars have been damaged by such attacks and foru policemen have been slightly injured.