Attack on the offices of the FDP

Mannheim, the 16 of September 2009

On the night of the 15th of September we attacked the offices of the FDP (rightwing liberal party) in Mannheim with stones.
The facade and the door got broken.
This is a symbolical attack against the neoliberal politic of the FDP.
In time of capitalist crisis the FDP asks for a strong dismantling of the welfare state and undertakes an even stronger class struggle from the higher class side under which all workers have to suffer from.

The action has been consciuosly undertaken before during the election time, in order to show how only the destruction of state and capital can bring us to a real change, and not the election of a new government.

We call all the emancipative people to undertake similar actions.
There are enough targets, does not matter if party officces, banks, police stations, immigration offices or dole offices.

Let us show that we are not interested in a „further this direction“ course, but rather a complete different society.
We are in solidarity with all other way of struggling which would go towards such directions, like stealing in big companies, usinng collectively the public transports without paying or public demonstrations.
We want to say greeting especially to the demonstration „against the crisis“ on the 17.09 and „our vote: the social revolution“ on the 26.09, both taking place in Mannheim.

Socialism instead of elections
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Source: Indymedia