Color and stones against the jobcenter

Kiel, the 4 of September 2009

Between the 3 and the 4.09.09 people attacked the jobcenter in the Banhofstr. 38a with stones and color. This action is directed against the Global Economic Symposium and has to be undertood as the opening up of the protests.
The claim appeared in several places afterwards:

„In the night between the 3 and the 4.9 we attacked the jobcenter in Kiel gaarden, banhofstr. 38a, with stones and color.
We did this action against the GES (Global Economic Symposium) which is taking place now in Plön.
The GES works following the reform proposals dictated by the market and cements them ideologically. Here it is not about to produce a life worth to be lived for everybody, but rather to keep capitalism alive.
Against which we put ourselves in an unreconcilable way.
Capitalsim is a system where one gets degrated to an economica problem/factor.
From this logic, it results a seperflousity of the ones for whom there is no further use anymore.
Those people will be discliplined and adminstrated by the jobcenter.

For a respectful and self-determined life for everybody!
Unmasks the GES! Overcome capitalism!

Team all for everybody“

Source: Indymedia