Color and graffitis against the offices of the pirates party

Berlin, the 24 of September 2009

In the night to the 24.09 the offices of the pirate party in the Pflugstr. have been visited and embellished symbolically with the words „against parties, nations and capital“ and a circled a.

Against the wrong pirates!

Who did not noticed it recently – the pirate party is everywhere.
Does not matter if the posters where they make known their love for freedom or try to convice the potential electors with populist slogans to use their „hooks for change“.
In the style of guerilla marketing like Nike shows, they show their young, artistic potential through using stencils and in this logic more and more flags of the pirate party appear at anticapitalist demonstrations, but also in the first lines of the „black bloc“ one can see conviced supporters of this party.
All this in a context which sees the pirate party overcoming the scheme of left and right, where it describes itself as free from ideologies and understand the meanin of the word freedom only in the context of the web, although the ones considered as criminals by the law must go behind bars.

With this symbolic act we aim to to give a clear „no“ against this party which propagates a neboulous concept of freedom and tries to wear an alternative dress.
A no which does not go only to the „pirates“ but also against all the parliamentary democracy.
Life in freedom means for us to live self determined and collectively organised, which is not possible under this party system based on oppression of people through people.
As long as such situation will be, we will not give any peace to them and we will fight by all means for an end of the parliamentary democracy, an end of capitalist logic of profit and for a fre, self determined life.
We have no choice.
Against state, nation and capital

If people believe this critic on the pirate party to be superficial here`s some sources to make yourself a picture of them.

Note: the link in german describe their involvement with neonazi structures for example.