Stones against a neonazi car convoy

Rostock, the 5 of September 2009

On the 5 of september neonazis from all over Germany wanted to attend an „antiwar“ day.
As known, the number of its participants remained lower than expected.
On the neonazi online network „altermedia“ one speculates about its possible reasons.
At least for a dozen of neonazi from Rostock organised in the NSR (national-socialist Rostock) the reasons are quite clear: in the early hours their car convoy had to stop...
As the neonazi report directly on their website:“ came to an attack from a murderous gang of left-extremists against nationalists who were on their way to a demonstration. The car have been heavily damaged...“
The police report that 10-15 masked up persons attacked the three cars with stones, four people got slightly injured.

Source: Indymedia