Attacks on "Thor Steinar" Shop

Berlin 28/29 März 2009

28-Thor Steinar Shop smeared with colour

The controversial Thor Steinar shop in Berlin, Friedrichshain was for the third time in less than as many days attacked by unknown persons. On Sunday morning police discover colour smears on the shop blinds of the clothing business, whose products are popular with those in the extreme right scene. A police spokesperson made a statement that State security would be reponsible for investigating the political offence. The business in Petersburger Strasse was already attacked on Thursday and Friday.

29-The series of attacks on the business selling the clothing label Thor Steinar, popular with those on the extreme right, is unrelenting. On Saturday evening at about 19:00 around 20 people tried to get into the shop. When they were stopped they threw bottles at the entrance breaking the glass. The perpetrators escaped in an unknown direction. A political motivation has not been ruled out and state security has taken over investigations. Also on Friday night unknown persons threw two bier bottles at the Thor Steinar business in Petersburger Strasse in Friedrichshain.

Source: Morgenpost