5 vehicles of the post burned down

Hamburg, 12 of March 2009

During the past nught, unknown authors set five vehicles on fire causing extremely high damages.
Since on does not exclude a politicalm motivation, state security investigates.

An inhabitant of the Sibeliusstr. noticed the flames from his balcony on the wheels of a Ford Transit, parked in front of his house.
The police could partly stopped the fire before the fire brigade came.
The vehicle, which belongs to a 44 years old woman, is used by her husband since he is a sub-enterpreuner for the Post, its got completly destroyed.

Just ten minutes later, three VW Caddy's of the German Post burned down, sited in different parking places of the company in the Papenreye.
Two of them burned totally, the third one got his wheel damaged.

The third arson happened on the Post building in the Odenfelder Bogen.
Unknown person jumped the fence and set a Merceds Benz Sprinter on fire, on which extremely high damages were provoked.
Source: Abendblatt