First attack against the Thor Steinar shop in Friedrichshain

Berlin, 3 of March 2009

It is not going good for the swanky Thor Steinar oullet, opened on Saturday in the „leftist“ district of Berlin-Friedrichshain.
Only two day after its inauguration it got its windosw smashed daytime, despite the massive police presence (day and night).

This seems to be so embarassing for the pigs that they did not release any statement about the action.
Alreadyy in the night before the inauguration there has been an attempt to throw color on the store.
The alleged author has been arrested by civil cops though.

Source: Indymedia

note for english speaking reader: recently a Thor Steinar shop, so a famous shop which makes money by propagating neonazi ideology, target of numerous attacks and campaings during the year, opened in Friedrichshain, very close to the Rigaerstrasse, where several house projects are hosted and in general where people live which understand themselves as active antifascists.
This is not the first time such a shop open is such district: last year was the same in Rostock, where the shop suffered massive attacks of any type and got closed.
We are sure, this very one won't last that long as well...