...and again and again: Paving stones and colour vs. Carlofts

Berlin 24/26 March 2009

24.03 On Tuesday night an unknown person threw paving stones at the glass front of a building on Liegnitzer Strasse, this caused a large window pane to be destroyed according to police reports. A worker from a security firm noticed this shortly after midnight. The person fled just before officers arrived. State security investigates as a political motivation is not ruled out.

26.03 Last night an unknown person threw a bottle filled with colour at a house in Kreutzberg. Witnesses noticed the black-dressed bike-rider at around 11pm on the corner of Reichenberger and Liegnitzer Strasse and alerted the police. Throught the impact a hole was made in the fascade, some of the red paint is still there. The perpetrator escaped.

Source: Berlin police