Stone and color against Subway

Berlin 1st October

Stones and color fly against the sandwich-shop Subway in the Wrangelkiez (Kreuzberg), inhabitants suspect a protest-action by opponents of the gentrification process.
Considering that the shop, located in the Schlesiches Strasse in Kreuzberg, just opened recently, it makes a quite battered impression. There are holes in the windows, closed by strong sticky-tape, the facade is painted with color and on its company-logo „Subway“ one read „Suckway“, spraypainted with black color. Workers and police confirm it: the shop has been victim of several attacks within the last weeks, On the 16th September one tried to smash the windows, before somebody pulled out an entire bucket full of color for walls inside the open door. Also passers-by are screaming often „Shit Subway, get th fuck out of here!“.

Source: TAZ