Arson attacks against cars – State Security investigates

Berlin, 24/5th October

a translation of the communique:

"„don't follow, be the leader“ This is the slogan of „engel & völkers“ to advertise luxury real estate and yacht boats – but us, no, we don't like this „leader“ at all and his business – as long as luxury is only available for a few big shots, as long as it is build upon the backs of socialy disadvantaged paople, this i9s a reason for us to attack again and again – therefore we torched a car of the company in the early morning hours of 25th October.

Solidarity with all paople affected by eviction and displacement

attack capitalism – luxury for all“"

-Unknwon persons set a „Porsche“ ablaze in the Danzigerstr. Around 5am, passers-by noticed the car burning and called the cops. The State Security investigates in order to proof if there is a political motivation behind the act.

-Two youngsters alarmed the police aroud 3.20am after seeing a „Smart“ car going on flames in the Otto-Ostrowski-Straße corner Hermann-Blankenstein-Straße, Prenzlauer Berg.
They declared to have seen two persons around the car before it went on flames, then they escaped direction Landsberger Allee. Another car parked nex to the „Smart“ got also damaged by the flames. The State Security investigates.

Source: Polizei Berlin