Attack with butyric acid against Mövenpick Hotel

Hamburg, 16th October

Lobby, bar, floors – everywhere stank tremendously yesterday inside the Mövenpick Hotel.
The follows-up of an attack done by opponents of the Hotel against this very luxurious accomodation in the Wasserturm. Around midnight, the attackers, unnoticed, smuggled several christmas balls inside the ventilation system of the Hotel. As soon as they broke, the stink spread all around. Even though police still investigates, it seems as the used substance would be butyric acid. On the beginning, one could not understand from where the stink was coming from.
After a while they found its origin in the ventilation system: now one will have to renovate it with high expenditure.
This has been the most expensive attack to date against the controversial Hotel in the Schanzenpark. Until now, one threw color and stones against its facade.

Yesterday the spokeperson of the Hotel did not want to make any declaration about the attack; however, he declared that the private security will be reinforced again.

Source: Mopo