Cars and a lorry torched

Berlin, 21/22nd October

-Around 3.15am, a „Mercedes“ burned in a parking lot in the Asgardstr, Heinersdorf. Despite the intervention fo the fire brigade, the car burned completely.
About twenty minutes later, the fire brigade had to stop a fire on a „Mercedes“ lorry parked in the Kissingerstr., Pankow, which got also completely damaged by the flames.
Since the cops does not exclude a political motivation behind the actions, the State Security took up the investigation.

-Passers-by alarmed the police after witnessing a fire ona car in Neukölln.
The cops tried to control the flames on the „Mercedes“, so to prevent other cars to get damaged.
Since a political motivation is not to be excluded, the State Security of the Criminal Office investigates.

Source: Polizei Berlin