Hookclaw action near Berlin

Berlin/Magdeburg, October 29th 2008

A communiqué sent to us:

You can't control nuclear energy – you can't control us!

In protest against a symposium about final nucleasr waste dumps taking place in Berlin, and also as a contribution to the mobilisation against Castor we put a hookclaw into the electrical power line of the railway between Berlin and Magdeburg in the night of 28th/29th November.

While discussing about the question of final waste dumps on a media event in October the nuclear state puts it into practice with the help of thousands of cops two weeks later. Gorleben is going to be turned into a nuclear loo. This happens even though the desaster of the „research“dump Asse II just showed that saline formations are not suitable for the storage of highly (!) radioactive waste.

The railroad company is placing the infrastructure at disposal for uranium and Castor transports. By this the Bahn AG is turning itself into an accomplice of the nuclear mafia. This is ugly.

Paralyse the nuclear state Germany! Help capitalism to die!

Anti Castor Action Berlin