Car of a neonazi burned down

Berlin, 10th October

Leftists claim responsability for the attack. Left-extremists burned down the car of a neonazi in Lichtenberg. On thursday around 10pm, the car of the girlfriend of Bjorn W., an Opel, went in flames in the Lückstr. Two cars parked next to it got slightly damaged.
The police firstly believed a private quarrel as motivation for the arson. But as soon as a communique came out on friday afternoon, the State Security took up the investigation.
Bjorn W. and „his fascists friends“ would have been often driving around with his girlfriend's car, in order to look for migrants of leftists „for beating them up“, so wrote the authors of the communique. Just on the very morning, a house search took place at Bjorn's place.
Bjorn W., ex member of the forbidden „Kameradschaft Tor“, is supposed to have connection to the group „Heimattreuen Deutsche Jugend“, which might get forbidden soon as well.

Source: Berliner Zeitung